Monthly Archives: September 2013

When do you need Flash Storage?

Gerard Almon – 17 September 2013 I am frequently asked to advise on storage configurations, and a common question is if we should add flash/SSD storage into a client configuration. The answer to this question is changing quite dramatically as the price of SSDs come down and...
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Can the SAN cause performance problems?

9th September 2013 – Tony de Figueiredo Often system administrators, DBAs and application owners are quick to blame the Storage when there is a slight hint of any performance degradation. On the receiving end, the storage administrators have to spend many hours of troubleshooting and proving that their...
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Windows servers with storage problems?

1 September 2013 – Gerard Almon I often get asked to look at perceived storage performance problems in Windows environments. This post should help you identify in a couple of quick steps if I/O problems can be a cause of performance problems on Windows. Windows Performance Monitor,...
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