Whitebox Security


The volume of organizational data has spiraled out of control. Sensitive information is stored everywhere: file servers, NAS, SharePoint®, CRM, ERP, Active Directory, Exchange, home grown apps – you name it, it’s in there. Most of it hasn’t been classified; nor is it monitored. Regulators are not pleased. And someone may be stealing your data right now.

To help business in that regard, Data Sciences Corporation is proud to offer WhiteOPS™ from Whitebox Security.

The Approach – Intelligent Access Governance

“The Secret to protecting business applications and data, to our belief, is by exploiting the inherent intelligence existing within these applications and data. Gathering intelligence to better understand Who is using these applications and data? How? From Where and When? And using it to deliver unprecedented visibility to business and data owners, those who really do know it’s true value. Whitebox Security, pioneered Intelligent Access Governance, not only to gather intelligence and deliver visibility but also to enable complete, 360°, applications and data access governance and security.” – Whitebox Security

Who is Whitebox?

– Founded in 2007, award wining and industry recognized pioneer of Intelligent Access Governance. – Backed by the European EuroStarsTM program.
– Based in Tel Aviv, with strong presence in EMEA & APAC markets.
– Gartner Cool Vendor in Security for 2012.
– Best Identity & Access Solution Finalist by SCAwards Europe 2012, 2013.
With a yearly growth rate of 250%, utilizing a vast network of channel partners and system integrators, Whitebox Security is rapidly introducing its groundbreaking technology to the market. Our customers, global leading enterprises, are using our technology to protect Unstructured Data Stores such as File Servers, NAS devices and Microsoft® ExchangeTM, SharePointTM and Active Directory environments, ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle eBS and vast types of homegrown and 3rd party applications.

Whitebox Security simply put

Whitebox security is there to help you maintain complete access governance, tracking, understanding, and analyzing who, what, when, where, and how your information is being accessed.

Whitebox will help you stay in compliance with regulatory requirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001/2, ISO 27799, among other regulations

Whitebox will enable you to identify and protect sensitive data against internal and external threats

What Whitebox can do for you

  • Identification and protection of sensitive data against internal and external threats
  • Cover of structured, semistructured, and unstructured data, in-house or cloud-based
  • Relief for IT in trying to protect all the organizations’ data by itself
  • Patent-pending crowd-sourcing technology, which gets every employee involved in protecting organizational data
  • Crowd-sourcing, which speeds implementation, and ensures more accurate and educated data protection decision-making
  • Full transparency into who should have access to your data while monitoring, in real-time, who is actually accessing it
  • Notifications for you when there’s a problem – without any false alarms
  • Control of the data within your organisation

Whitebox offers a complete solution for data governance, compliance, and cyber security.

For more detailed information on this product, please contact us on 0861-777-DSC(372), e-mail us or visit the Whitebox website.