Mechanical spinning disk has outlived its usefulness. The technology of spinning disk is older than most storage admins. It is arcade, it is slow, consumes a lot of power and takes up a lot of expensive real estate in our Data Centres.


Imagine that there was an Enterprise Storage Array out there that could:-

  • Help you save costs.
  • Save you floor space and rack space in your DataCentre.
  • Reduce power consumption with up to 80% over traditional storage arrays.
  • Be 10 x faster than disk.
  • Deliver consistent < 1 ms latency.
  • Be installed within-in minutes without having to spend days in workshops planning the requirements.
  • Deliver all-flash VDI for less than $100/desktop.

Imagine that:-

  • Your Enterprise Storage Array is no longer the slowest component in your Data Centre.
  • Your Oracle Database, SQL Database, VMWare and VDI all get consistent sub-millisecond (yes < 1 ms) latency.
  • Latency is no longer an issue for any applications in your Data Centre.
  • You can deploy a 10x faster All Flash Enterprise Storage Array for less than the cost of traditional spinning disk.
  • You don’t have to pay extra for statistical monitoring, replication, snapshots or clones.
  • Storage Admins no longer need to configure RAID, Tiering or optimize for storage block alignment issues.
  • You will never get a call again that the storage is slow.

You no longer have to imagine it.

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