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Size does matter

Willie Meyer – 28 November 2013 What is the correct LUN size that will suit my application best? In the field we come across this question more often than you would think. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer. You need to do what is the best...
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When do you need Flash Storage?

Gerard Almon – 17 September 2013 I am frequently asked to advise on storage configurations, and a common question is if we should add flash/SSD storage into a client configuration. The answer to this question is changing quite dramatically as the price of SSDs come down and...
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Windows servers with storage problems?

1 September 2013 – Gerard Almon I often get asked to look at perceived storage performance problems in Windows environments. This post should help you identify in a couple of quick steps if I/O problems can be a cause of performance problems on Windows. Windows Performance Monitor,...
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