The annual AMG day was held on the 25th July 2019 on the ground-shaking turf of AMG’s headquarters at Zwartkops Raceway. This event involved a technology update session, with a sole focus on next generation technologies we are implementing and incorporating in our solutions.
We would love to thank one of our strategic partners, Pure Storage who assisted with and co-sponsored this enthusiast event.
Being thought-of-as leaders in the field of All Flash and NVMe, Pure Storage have purpose-built technologies which leverage flash, to scale storage performance exponentially when compared to the traditional technologies found in today’s data centres.


On this day our customers discovered what true performance and control means, the information sessions were intertwined with professional, instructor-led, advanced driver/industry training. Our customers received training with a certified experience that highlighted the difference between average and exceptional performance and of course, they all received their driver training certificates.