Data Sciences’ Annual Family Fun Day was held at “Imagine the Venue” to welcome all employees and include their families (of all ages) to bring out their young fun sides and an appetite for great food after a year of hard-to-the-bone work. Data Sciences’ kids showed no mercy when attacking the directors and soaking them with water guns. Laughs and joyful memories were shared between co-workers and their youngsters. The Data Sciences Family is a strong unit of which the underlying foundations are built on love, fun and trust.

“Thank you to Marianne and DSC for the day, it was an honour to introduce my family to my other family. A fantastic day!” – Hennie S
“Baie Dankie, soos altyd stel jy nooit terleur, goeie werk oubul. Dit was a great day. Daar was net te min water, hahaha” – Tommy F