Mellanox’s family of programmable Smart Adapters provides data-centers with levels of performance and functionality previously unseen in the market by incorporating the sophisticated capabilities of the ConnectX network adapters with advanced software or FPGA programmability,. These cards are based on the BlueField Data Processing Unit (DPU) – a family of innovative networking and I/O acceleration ICs.

The new generation of Smart Adapters is the perfect blend of programmable accelerations and hardware enabling secure and high-performance network solutions for machine learning, storage, cloud, and edge computing applications while increasing productivity and reducing total cost of ownership.

Virtualize and offload networking and software defined storage access to boost hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).
Accelerate server/network virtualization and offload software-defined networking to increase cloud efficiency.
Provide workload isolation and accelerate packet analysis, SDN firewall, and encryption to free the CPU.
Speed up and virtualize access to NVMe over Fabrics storage.

The Results Are In: IT Pros Want SmartNICs

Networks continue to evolve; in the face of ever-growing traffic volume and complexity—as well as the increasing pressure to reduce costs, drive profitability, and grow the business faster. The adoption of new networking technologies to drive 5G adoption is the next evolution for service providers. This includes a paradigm shift to virtualize carrier-grade networks to increase the speed of delivery, automate application services, and support emerging critical requirements for managing performance and security.
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Defining the SmartNIC: What is a SmartNIC and How to Choose…

Everyone is talking about DPUs (Data Processing Unit) based SmartNIC but without ever answering one simple question: what is a “SmartNIC ” and what do they do? Now a NIC of course stands for a “Network Interface Card”; practically speaking a NIC is a PCIe card that plugs into server or storage box to enable connectivity to an Ethernet network. A DPU based SmartNIC goes beyond simple connectivity, and implements network traffic processing on the NIC that would necessarily be performed by the CPU in the case of a foundational NIC.

Why You Need a SmartNIC and Smart NIC Use Cases

In the first blog of this series, I argued that it is function and not form that define a DPU (Data Processing Unit) based SmartNIC . I also introduce another category of data center NICs called an intelligent NIC (iNIC) which include both hardware transport and a programmable data path for virtual switch acceleration. These capabilities are necessary but not sufficient for a NIC to be a SmartNIC. A true SmartNIC must also include an easily extensible, C-programmable Linux environment that…

Don’t Host Security Threats: BlueField SmartNIC Trusted…

The Meltdown and Spectre microprocessors-based attacks are prime demonstrations for why the attempt to secure data or infrastructure via host-based solutions (i.e. host software or host processor) is destined to fail. When the security controls and the attacker share the same trust domain (the host) it is most likely to result in an undetected security breach. The only trusted way to protect the data center infrastructure is to separate the security controls from the host.