Our Vision

Data Sciences Corporation vision is to provide a sustainable and enjoyable working environment where highly skilled IT professionals can be passionate about what they do, by designing, sourcing and servicing innovative technology solutions that add value to all our stakeholders.

Mission Statement

Data Sciences Corporation is an engineering company that provides innovative, next generation solutions in our customers’ complex technology and data centre environments. We do this as a Value-Added Reseller and Systems Integrator where we can provide unique, relevant and differentiated technologies that help solve our customers’ challenges.

Together with our strong team of skilled resources, we collaborate with our customers to maximise their efficiencies and assist them to capitalise on enduring success. Because of this, we can design and implement our technology solutions to meet our customer’s expectations, underpinned by unsurpassed levels of services and support.

Our Core Values

Data Sciences Corporation exists to maximize its value to our Customers in accordance with the organisation’s strategic vision and our mission statements. While our intent is to serve our customers, we are aware that our actions have implications on all our stakeholders. In an effort to be thoughtful, careful and visionary about decision-making within Data Sciences Corporation we feel it is important to set forth the core values of the
Technology Leadership

We strive to be at the leading edge of information technologies, known for being pioneers in our industry which we supplement with deep and diverse technical skills across the technology stack.

Co-Operation and Collaboration

We recognize the benefits that accrue to our customers, our staff and our partners, when we are generous with our expertise, time and energy. We are known to be an “easy to do business with” organisation and we view this as a key value in all our dealings which in turn helps in building positive and constructive relationships.

Our Culture

We strive to be a caring, kind and humble organisation, both inwardly and outwardly. The concept of a firm, fair and caring family is the environment we uphold. We treat our stakeholders with respect and professionalism and conduct our business and relationships in a manner which promotes co-operation and team effort.


Our customers include multi-level organisations across multiple market verticals and geographies, who in themselves serve a diverse population. We recognise that their customers may have diverse missions, disparate resources and distinct needs. Our decisions are taken with the greatest respect and support of these differences and are always underpinned on the best-fit solutions for our customers rather than the best short-term outcome for ourselves.


We strive to be a nimble, flexible and dynamic organisation, able and willing to adapt to the evolving needs of customers and the shifting landscape of infrastructure and data sciences technology.


We value the robust exchange of information and ideas, both among and between our own staff and stakeholders and with those outside of the eco-system, with whom we may conduct business in the future. It is through such exchanges that our culture enforces growth, knowledge, responsibility and ownership by each individual and empowers them and the company to grow sustainably.