As Data Sciences, we are committed to delivering exemplary support across our portfolio and ensure that our staff are continually trained, upskilled and certified on Inuvika. We guarantee that your entire engagement with us, from sales and implementation to post-sales support and maintenance is delivered with the highest level of skill and competence and is augmented by the passion and dedication of our technical and sales teams.

Data Sciences has successfully installed and are currently supporting Inuvika deployments within our valued client base. We are committed to growing our partnership with Inuvika while providing our customers with extensive VDI solutions that address your ever-changing, remote-working business needs.

Founded in 2014, Inuvika helps organizations move their workloads to the cloud through application virtualization with their OVD platform.
Their OVD (Open Virtual Desktop) Enterprise platform securely delivers virtualized Windows and Linux applications and desktops to any device and can either be deployed on-premise, or publicly through cloud platform providers.

Inuvika’s OVD solution quickly and seamlessly integrates into your existing environment, including any directory service, storage and hypervisor and is easy to deploy and manage.
It is available as both a self-hosted solution and as a managed service.

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