NEC is one of the very first vendor partnerships Data Sciences established since our inception in 2013.

We are the sole distributors of NEC Hydrastor in South Africa for the last five years of our successful partnership. Our engineering team have an in-depth, working knowledge of the technology and have been trained by NEC in Japan. Our relationship with NEC is collaborative, we have a third level NEC Engineering engagement. Our team alongside NEC R&D team have created tailored solutions and value-added products to cater to our customers specific needs.

Data Sciences is the recipient of a number of NEC Partnership awards such as:

  1. NEC HYDRAstor Certified Partner 2017
  2. Best System Integrator Partner 2015 – 2016
  3. EMEA Smart Storage Partner 2016 – 2017
  4. EMEA Smart Storage Partner 2017 – 2018

Together, we are providing our customers with innovative data center technologies and advantages resulting from our joint vast experience in deduplication devices and backup software technologies within the industry.

NEC HYDRAstor is a disk-based grid storage system with data deduplication for backups and archiving, developed by NEC Corporation. A HYDRAstor storage system can be composed of multiple nodes, starting from one up to 100+ nodes. Each node contains standard hardware including disk drives, CPU, memory and network interfaces and is integrated with the HYDRAstor software into a single storage pool. HYDRAstor software incorporates multiple features of distributed storage systems: content-addressable storage, global data deduplication, variable block size, Rabin fingerprinting, erasure codes, data encryption and load balancing.

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