Data Sciences partnered with Stratoscale in 2016 to provide an AWS-compatible region in our customers’ data centers, facilitating Cloud adoption and maturing DevOps programs. We have successfully deployed the first AWS-compatible Stratoscale platform in a large South African bank delivering RDS compatible DBaaS amongst other services.

This is the era of Cloud-Native applications. Enterprises are focused on delivering better products and delivering them faster.

Run and Scale Cloud-Native Applications Anywhere

Inspired by advanced cloud practices, Stratoscale provides development teams and the IT industry with the building blocks to build modern applications faster and continuously scale to meet evolving business needs. Stratoscale offers a comprehensive AWS-compatible services suite (Stratoscale Chorus) and IaaS (Stratoscale Symphony) to enable the data center to be transformed into an agile, flexible and scalable environment, aligned with the public cloud.

Stratoscale Symphony offers a robust software-defined cloud infrastructure solution (IaaS) that converges all resources into one holistic single software solution, enabling IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives. Stratoscale Symphony brings the agility and fast-paced innovation of the cloud to enterprise environments by transforming infrastructure (any x86 server and external storage) into elastic and optimized Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Stratoscale Chorus is a cloud services suite for development teams, delivering high-impact cloud services within enterprise environments. Stratoscale Chorus empowers developers with turnkey, fully-managed and highly scalable building blocks. It offers cloud services, including AWS-compatible APIs, and enables running AWS-consistent DevOps, to deliver a truly flexible environment for building cloud-native applications faster and better.

Cloud-native applications are no longer limited to the public cloud.
It empowers developers with AWS-compatible infrastructure and services, for running and scaling cloud-native applications in enterprise environments.

While cloud environments remain siloed, gaining true agility and flexibility requires significant investments and often diminishes time-to-market. Now you can leverage AWS-compatible cloud services for running and scaling cloud-native applications on-prem.

Stratoscale delivers robust cloud building blocks to align the enterprise on-prem environment with the public cloud.

Comprehensive Building Blocks Build complex cloud-native applications faster, and run applications on-prem or in the cloud without any re-writes.

AWS-Compatible One consistent approach to cloud-native applications with AWS APIs and DevOps tools.

Fully Managed Cloud-Services Automate the entire lifecycle of services: provisioning, monitoring, upgrading and scaling.

The Modern Data Center Leverage existing infrastructure to deliver Infrastructure-as-a Service on-prem.

Simplified Operations Improve operations with self-service consumption and central management for all resources.

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