Whilst still holding ground to primary infrastructure, we move forward to take advantage of a more modern model encompassing its own foundations to build and run applications to deliver compute power, database storage, IaaS, Paas; DBaas, CaaS, etc, with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Cloud-native describes the how and not the where, it shifts the focus from traditional to a more elastic, resilient and scalable infrastructure through a continuous approach. This change in mindset comes with solid reassurance as it’s architecture is composed to deliver services which are fast and easy to deploy and modify, to maximise business efficiency, enable growth and scalability and reduce unnecessary waiting times.

Our Cloud Solutions equip business IT to operate as an internal cloud service provider, offering single-click/on-demand consumption of resources and managed open source technologies, and to respond at the speed of the public cloud.

Engaging this multi-cloud hybrid platform, we can deliver true infrastructure-as-a-service, ideal for DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code automation, open-source technologies combatting the complexity around vast differentiations between API sets and rather encouraging DevOps’ potential.